Gypsy Prism


Spirit adorned in ribbons gold and blue
A penchant for breathless devotion
Steady in their wanton motion
Fueled by desires of royal equity
Spread across the layman’s alter
Bread and mead as rich as wine and cheese
Never feeling so alive
As when inside the midnight scape
The hearts and drums that syncopate
Driving us into the night
Where drink and rest intimate
Caravans of wood and wheels
Draped in satin
Trimmed in steel
Unfinished edges
Frayed and dancing in the wind
Like the long lean limbs of lover’s sin
Poured along sun darkened skin
Cloaked in shadow
Ignited by the flames of fires all around
The sounds
Of merriment and passion
Rising to the skies
In wafting chants from those who worship both the spirit and the eyes
And from these embers
Our souls do rises
To meet with greatness and demise
The swift existence that is ours
Played out in song
Upon the flesh
Up toward the stars
With etherial earthbound dancing

Written 6/13/14

Inspired by “The New Gyspies” photo series by Iain McKell.





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